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TUTORINGNow partnering with That Tutor Guy for academic support

All girls participating will be expected to keep a 3.0 grade point average and they will meet in classroom homework/tutoring sessions once per week. The RowLA program will use tutors to sharpen the girls academic skills. The academic element of RowLA will focus on the following areas:

    • Strengthening of math skills
    • Development of strong written and spoken communication skills
    • Facility with Technology
    • Participation in Khan Academy online academic tutorial program


>Check out our recent workshop: The Mind & Body Experience

Writing Workshops
Writer’s Workshops are planned for every summer. The focus of each workshop is to improve the written and verbal communication skills of the participants. Emphasis is placed on mastery of grammar and clarity of expression.
Nutrition Workshops
An important element of our program is nutrition. A series of nutrition workshops for the girls and their families will focus on establishing healthy eating habits, understanding how nutrition fuels our energy levels and how to prepare healthy meals.
College 101 Workshop
During the summer of 2013, RowLA offered a workshop entitled “College 101”. This was a series of classes targeting the skills our graduates would need as they head off to college. Some topics included were: Reading Critically, Writing the College Essay, Understanding Your Own Finances, Living in a Dorm, Managing Your Time.
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The RowLA Academic Coach manages the girls support services and monitors each girls academic performance.