Thank You to Our 2016-17 Donors

Erin & Andrew Berman, Martin Greenberger, Brian & Joanie Freckmann, Brooks & Barbra Dagman, Catherine Rotman, David Silver, Janelle Wong, Liz Wilson, John Hertzer, Carey Goble, Valerie Field, J. David Hertzer, Stephanie Geoffrion, Angela Sumser, Bruno Vieri, Seth Krauss, Jamie Guest, Mary & Nick Harding, Mark Brubaker, Susan & Jeremy Gordon, Werner Harder, Al Osborne Jr., Nancy and Alex Osborne, Chip Johannessen

The John and Hilda Arnold Foundation, The Weingart Foundation, The LA84 Foundation, The Roth Family Foundation, The Foundation for Global Sports Development



Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BNY Mellon Community Partnership, The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation in Honor of Mark Brubaker, Chevron Humankind, Charles Schwab Foundation, Macerich Management Company


The Carol and James Collins Foundation, The Flora Family Foundation, Foundation for Global Sports Development, LA84 Foundation, Los Angeles Women’s Giving Circle, The Roth Family Foundation, The Water Buffalo Club, Council for Technology and the Individual (CTI), US Rowing- Proctor and Gamble Grant, The Weingart Foundation

Donated In the Name Of

Craig and Christine Morioka and Joanne Saito in honor of Alexis Aiello’s 18th birthday, Erin Berman in honor of Debra Shaw’s birthday, The Kriste family in honor of Suzan Vigil, William and Felicia Funderburk in honor of Debra Shaw, Martin Greenberger in honor of Arthur Smith, Amy Cohen in honor of Sophia Berman


UCLA Men’s Rowing Team (4 single training sculls), Santa Monica Junior Rowing Association (2008 Pocock quad), Angela Sumser (boat navigation lights), Phin’s Water Sports Club (coach boat loan), Zohar Abramovitz (Learn To Row Summer Camp Scholarships 2009-2011) Lori Annes (Concept II erg) Gary Bell (website development) Blue Pacific Boating (conference rooms for tutoring) Iva Boteva (iRow Fitness Studio) Renee Brown (hats, shirts laptop) Hunter Butler (sculling oars) Cal Yacht Club (trailering our boats to regattas) Diego Cevallos (Culver City Plunge swim tests), Chloe Chen (Internship, grant writing) Concept II (supplies for summer outreach camps) G&K Management (Holiday Marina storage) Aerial Gilbert (sculling oars) Indo-Row (Winter Erg Classic) Virginia Johannessen (2 Concept II ergs) LARC (Vespoli 4+ boat) Laraine Mestman (boat storage for quad) Robin O’Connell Design (graphic design for logo/ brochures and web updates) Anne Sacks and Nalini Kumar (college counseling services) Gary Smoot (coaching) Tom Nunziato (legal advice) Hope Wilkinson (photography)

*Bold indicates donors during the current year